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All about DNA Tests and Applications.

DNA testing has become very common today despite being discovered not long ago, its use in the criminal justice system and other fields has made identification of persons very easy. With a simple DNA test it’s easy to reveal whether two people are related and what the nature of their relationship is like. In the next couple of years a strand of hair will not only tell the identity of the person but it will also narrow down to the age of the person as well. Before there was DNA testing human identity was through blood typing. DNA testing tends to be more accurate than blood typing and that makes it more preferable. DNA testing is based on a comparison of DNA features that will never be similar to another set between two people not even identical twins.

Even when using DNA fingerprinting the loops and whorls are like a personal signature that only belongs to one person. In DNA testing if the samples’ patterns are identical then they are likely to be from the same person. Profiles, may be different but if there are big similarities being observed then it’s most likely that they are from the same person. The more similar the patterns are also points out to the degree of relation between the two individuals as well. DNA testing is mainly applied in the fight against crime but there are non-criminal applications too.

If you seek to understand the two applications of DNA testing you will discover that there is a significant difference between the two. In civil cases the testing of the DNA is done to determine the relationship between two individuals while in criminal application the test will be used to match the evidence that has been collected at the crime scene. Immigration and child support cases make use Of DNA testing , they make up most of the civil uses of the cases. In an event where documentary evidence is not clear enough on relationship between two individuals, DNA tests will be used as the ultimate test to clear all doubts.

With paternity tests, responsibilities that come with caring and providing for a child are, matched with the rightful persons. In adoption as well, DNA tests are used but many people wonder how that applies being that there is no relation between the child and the person who is adopting the child. Here the tests will be used to match the child’s ethnic background to that of the person that is hoping to adopt. This helps in establishing child with a family that is the best fit for them. Transition for the child and the family will also be easy.

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